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Preview: Malaysian GP

With the weather report currently saying that there WILL be rain on Sunday, we are in for another thriller for sure. It says something when even Pirelli are playing it safe with the options they allotted for the usually hot track; medium and hard compounds, showing how unsure they are of the outcome.

Firstly, lets take a look at the facts involving the Sepang Circuit:

Alonso is the King of Kuala Lumpur. With three wins to his name, (the same as Schumacher) it’s undeniable that he likes these changeable circumstances. With the weather conditions predicting a messy race with definite casualties, it’s no wonder even with the car that Ferrari  started with last year that it is skill that prevails over pace. Lewis Hamilton has said in an interview this week that everyone will have a better knowledge of the pecking order of the grid as they’ll be ” much stronger because we have a good development platform.” With that in mind will we now see Red Bull dominate in the race because of hotter track conditions or will we see an even more open field.

McLaren need a miracle. or Tim Goss to work some magic. Button did all he could do to salvage their disastrous weekend and Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez didn’t stand a chance when the team ultimately made the mistake in risking putting him on softs when the track was still obviously water-logged. Did Paddy Lowe know this before he jumped ship for Mercedes or is there an underlining problem?  Although Perez and Team Principle Martin Whitmarsh have said there is no chance of them reverting back to last years car but Button has said “we will try anything” to get back to where they were this time round in 2012. This weekend I presume will be the turning point in whether they admit defeat and start damage limitation or stick with a car which has no downforce or speed.

Lotus can stamp their mark on the championship this weekend. You can’t win two races in a row and two very different race tracks and still think that it is just luck. Kimi already said at the start of last weekend’s race that he wouldn’t rule out a championship battle and he obviously knew something the rest of us didn’t because although they had raw pace in winter testing, Raikkonen especially had issues with reliability. It was revealed after the race in Melbourne that his team-mate Romain Grosjean didn’t have the same updates as his finnish counterpart so will we see the first signs of a Lotus resurgence for many years?

Hamilton needs to show his cards soon. It great having a new, vibrant team that let you do practically anything you want and having a team-mate you’ve known since you were 14, but if you can’t capitalise on that in the first few races, it means nothing. They were good in qualy, Rosberg arguably the fastest until it counted but in the race they just couldn’t keep up with the lap-times set by Ferrari or Lotus. I don’t know if you noticed but when we heard over the radio talk between lewis and his race engineer, it wasn’t all going Lewis’ way and his sarcastic remarks weren’t helping his team try and fix the problem with tyre degradation.

With dry, sunny conditions for qualifying on Saturday we should see a nice clean start off the grid before any potential rain hits on Sunday. I’m going to make the prediction that Fernando and Ferrari will make the most out of the car with Felipe Massa causing some trouble for the number 1 driver with his amazing form whilst McLaren fall even further behind the pack. What do you think will happen? Comment Below.


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