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MOTO GP: 2013 Preview

As Formula 1 is away from our screens for one more week, lets take a look at another sport that I think deserves your time. It’s understated, not so glamourous, and a lot more raw, but if you like watching drivers race flat out with sometimes dangerous consequences, Moto GP is the sport for you.

Before you say…’motor racing is the sport isn’t for me’ as the glamour and eccentricity is why you watch F1, I wouldn’t say your wrong. It’s a lot grittier and sometimes painful to see how small the crowds are compared to what we saw in Malaysia two weeks ago but somethings are like for like in between the two.

For one, driver rivalry is even more fierce. You thought Webber v Vettel got a bit heated last week? You should see Rossi v Lorenzo. There might be nearly 10 years between them but the tension got so hard to handle that both drivers built a wall inside their teams garage to stop them from using each other’s telemetry. Rossi left the team after giving them an “me or him” ultimatum but they’re now back together after a three year stint apart and so far they seem to be playing ball but as soon as the flag goes down, there will be no team orders in this team.

For the first time in 22 years, Britain has a good chance of getting on top of the podium this year. Cal Crutchlow got on the podium twice last year lamenting his endurance and passion for winning. This year his team-mate will be fellow Brit, Bradley Smith. This pair have the pace to shake up the field and to cause a few surprises for sure and it’s nice to see a familiar cheeky accent on the grid at least!

The qualifying procedure for Moto GP has changed dramatically from last year in order to get the drivers pushing the bikes to the limit. It also protects some of the slower drivers from causing any first corner incidents  but also gives them the much needed press coverage that’s keep them in the sport. Essentially before they only needed to do one hot lap and could start on pole but now they are doing it in stages like Formula 1 so that driver’s consistently put in fast times to stay ahead of the pack. It brings safety and stability into a sometime rickety-stilted sport.

All I know is that you won’t have wasted your sunday evening by watching BBC2 from 7:30 tomorrow night.



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