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Why Formula 1 in 2014 answers everyone’s prayers… even if they don’t know it yet.

A pile up on turn one, two world-championship drivers retiring after five laps and two new faces on the podium. Hardly the procession that dictated last year’s headlines which threatened the soul of the Formula 1. So after a thrilling first race in Melbourne on Sunday which sprung a lot of surprises on its audience … Continue reading

2013 Chinese Grand Prix: What’s To Know?

Finally after a three week break, the drivers are heading back onto aeroplanes and the buzz around Shanghai will be getting more and more intense. It feels like nothing has changed and we’ll be getting back to the important business of racing. So in three weeks, what possible changes could there be? Well in three … Continue reading

MOTO GP: 2013 Preview

As Formula 1 is away from our screens for one more week, lets take a look at another sport that I think deserves your time. It’s understated, not so glamourous, and a lot more raw, but if you like watching drivers race flat out with sometimes dangerous consequences, Moto GP is the sport for you. … Continue reading

Top Ten Drivers who didn’t win an F1 Championship

Since the first championship season in 1950 there have been over 30 different winners from Giuseppe Farina to most recently, three-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. Behind every championship winner there has been a slew of brilliant drivers that have never made the final grade. In this list I take a look through the drivers who … Continue reading

Who will win the Chinese Grand Prix?

Malaysia Grand Prix: Cock Fights, Radio Disputes…and a bit of racing!

What do i say? I’ve stopped myself writing so far today because I’ve been genuinely upset and slightly enraged by Alonso’s first lap mistake. He is the champion of champions in my opinion, so why did he make that rookie mistake? Had Grosjean secretly swapped cars with the spaniard? Because I’d expect that from him, … Continue reading

Malaysia Qualifying: Ferrari prepare to dual as Kimi’s given penalty

Another weather dependent qualifying led to Sebastian Vettel clinching two poles from two with the Ferrari’s of Massa and Alonso retrospectively lining up behind to round out the top three. It comes partly as a surprise for Red Bull as in Q1 Vettel was two places away from being eliminated in the first round along … Continue reading

Fry Out, Wolff In: What are Mercedes playing at?

It’s been announced that Nick Fry will leave his current position as CEO of the struggling team Mercedes at the end of the month with Toto Wolff, current executive director, to take over his duties in another move over the past few months to try and balance the overwhelming amount of key head figures in … Continue reading

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